The Vestry is, basically, the parish governing board or church council.   The vestry is charged, among other things, with taking care of parish finances and the parish buildings, and with choosing individuals to fill positions of leadership and representation within the congregation.  The vestry works in concert with the rector who by church law is the parish’s chief liturgical and pastoral officer.

The work of the Vestry has two faces, leadership and management.  Management includes tasks such as budgeting; establishing and enforcing policies and procedures; establishing action plans; and maintaining property.  Leadership includes tasks such as discerning a vision for the future; articulating and communicating the vision; generating enthusiasm and “buy-in” from the congregation; and setting the tone for leadership that encourages other leaders in the congregation to grow and flourish.

Vestry members are elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting of the parish in late January.  St. Paul’s has 12 elected Vestry members, four elected each year for a three-year term.  Each year the Vestry elects a Senior Warden and Junior Warden from among Vestry member, and also elects a Treasurer and Secretary, who need not be elected Vestry members.  The Vestry meets on the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. and parishioners are welcome to attend the meetings.  The Rector presides at Vestry meetings.

The following are St. Paul’s current Vestry members by class (last year of service):

Senior Warden: Keeli Baker (2019)

Junior Warden: Jim Milne (2019)

Justin Alexander, Sue Boulton, Sally Lawrence, Lyn Zynda (2018)

Larissa Clark, Laura Julier (2019)

Isaac Francisco, Christine Overway, Amanda Ross (2020)

Non-voting Vestry positions:

Treasurer: Jeff Irwin

Secretary: Pam Irwin

You can contact the vestry through the group mail list: